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Expert Ghostwriting Services

At Vertex Ghost Writing, we understand the needs & wants of the readers and shape your ideas through the perception of what the readers desire. Our team of experienced ghostwriters is skilled in multiple genres and writing styles that keep the reader confined to the book's pages. Our essential resolve is to find you a suitable ghostwriter who can fulfill your outlooks, comprehend your ideas, and merge their writing elegance with the one you require.

Our Services Include

Ghostwriting in multiple different genres & writing styles, drafting, proofreading, editing, designing, illustrations, publishing, and promotions.

Professional Ghostwriters

With years of experience in crafting best-selling books & novels, who can cater to all your book writing queries.

Distinctive & Innovative

Ghost book writers that value your ideas and construct them according to your requests and specifications.


Novelists and writers that comb through all the little details to create a masterful piece of art.

Client Satisfaction

Guaranteed, where your work is always a priority for us, we ensure top-notch quality in production.

Client Liberty

Ensures that your idea is safeguarded with us and the work that we complete on this basis is owned solely by you. Our policy also includes a money-back guarantee.

Express Your Story Through Our Words!

Our skilled ghostwriters quickly understand your idea that helps them grasp the way you think and aids in following your school of thought. From here on, we match you up with a writer that can easily trail your approach, emotions, and personality, that transforms your idea into a manuscript and from there, into a book.

Exemplary Consistency Maintained Throughout Our Projects

Our team of specialized ghostwriters aims to provide the same level of services to all our clients.

  • Article Writing
  • Web Content Writing
  • Editing
  • Blog Writing
  • eBook Writing

Why Choose Vertex Ghost Writing?

At Vertex Ghost Writing, we transform your stories into bookable tales. We have a team of professional ghostwriters well-versed in genre writing styles and create projects by understanding the type of communication our clients use, which are then made evident in the final product. Having varied writing styles enables our team to cater to all kinds of book writing projects with ease.

  • - Vast network of veteran ghostwriters
  • Scope of work provided
  • - Sign up to explore multiple genres
  • Understanding illustrations
  • Prompt project delivery
  • Astonishing & striking writing
  • Researching, proofreading, editing & publishing
  • Instructing and designing
  • - Unparalleled & accomplished writers
  • On time delivery
Our Services

Vertex Ghost Writing Services

Consult with us and make use of our esteemed team of professional ghostwriters that transform your idea into a book!

Consult with us and make use of our esteemed team of professional ghostwriters that transform your idea into a book!
  • Ghostwriting
  • Designs & Illustrations
  • Editing, Proofreading & Formatting
  • Author Website & Promotions
  • Publishing

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We have a track record of delivering excellence through our services. Here’s what some of our clients have to say about our work.

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Our team of skilled and professional writers have perfected the art of book writing and are well versed in different genres and writing styles to provide exceptional services to our clients. Consult with us about your book idea, and we'll help you in becoming the next best-seller! Moreover, we specialize in providing quality content that is unrivaled and above-par from anywhere else in the market, giving you original and authentic work that captures everything you envision.

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